Meet our New Pastor - Rev. Kelsey Brown

Who is Rev. Kelsey Brown?

Rev. Kelsey Brown describes herself as sometimes funny, frequently anxious, and completely absurd. A 20-something hailing from Long Island, New York – she comes equipped with the accent & attitude to back it up. In her free time, she is falling back in love with spoken word poetry, breaking it down on the dance floor, and ritual creation. She believes with her full heart that God’s delight in diversity is call for us all to embrace the fullness of humanity. Racial justice and advocacy work fuel her fire, while deep friendships and long naps quench her thirst. She can be seen in her natural habitat - quoting showtunes, doubled over in laughter and challenging others to “do the work.” Her ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has taken many courses including camping ministry in New Jersey, Synod work in Metro New York and Internship in sunny Southern California. Ready to be back home in NYC - Pastor Kelsey brings to the Church a pulse of integrity and personhood for all people, a love of preaching and deep care for the other. 

At a Glance:

Nickname - My friends call my KB but at Church I prefer Pastor Kelsey or PK (short for Pastor Kelsey)

Favorite Food - Anything Italian

Beach or Mountains - Beach

Favorite TV Show - Grey's Anatomy 

Astrological Sign - Leo 

Birthday - August 9th 

Most played song - "Green Eyes"

Enneagram - 2w3