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We are a dynamic community gathered in a new kind of church in the heart of the Brooklyn neighborhood. We are committed to justice, which is God’s love in the public square. We are rooted in the belief that God's Grace is for everyone, no exceptions. We confess this Grace because God is most fully revealed on the Cross. We are Jesus followers and believe although community can get messy we are still committed to gathering as one. We ground ourselves in these truths by recounting the ancient story of God's people in scripture and experiencing it in worship.




We are centered as an African-descent community of believers rooted in the Christian tradition with a Lutheran perspective. We are a mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that is rooted in the worship styles and cultural traditions of African-descent or “Black Church experience” but are a community for all marginalized peoples. In particular, we honor God's special dispensation for our LGBTQ+ siblings in Christ.

"Our Lady Of Ferguson" Credit-Mark Dukes


 "Our Lady Of Ferguson" Credit-Mark Dukes 

The church has a lot to answer for. We are honored you are even considering us as a community. We know that this world begs questions about who God is. Why are God's "followers" sometimes so hateful? Why is radical evil having its way with this country right now? If Jesus's message was so radical and political why do I never hear this at church? If God's love is for all why is it often treated like an exlusive club? Why did the church hurt me?  We are committed to walking with you as you explore these questions and more. We are not here to sell you anything, including faith. We will be authentically broken and hope that you can see the Christ that is present with us. If that is something you desire too, we hope you can join us.

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Want to know more? So do we! We are just launching this new church and so this page is just getting started. Subscribe for updates as this community unfolds in front of us.

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Christ is already present in Brooklyn. God is already up to some amazing things in East New York. We just want to witness God's glory along side you, even if you would never use those words to describe it. 

Worship Time: 11:30am every Sunday. 

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