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Our Focus This Year


Theme: Liberation in Christ. We worship a Jesus who is the breaker of chains. The arc of the gospel narrative and scripture itself is a grace filled God who has liberated oppressed peoples throughout all of human history. So, we will focus on liberation of our spirits, of our community, and of our neighbor as our 2018 program year. Using a holistic vison every piece of the program year will interlock with each other while reinforcing the teachings of each educational program called a shule (Swahili for school) and efforts of each ministry kabila (Swahili for tribe). 


This is based on the  preaching principle -

“Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em
Then tell ‘em
Then tell ‘em what you told ‘em”

For example, the confirmation shule will be discussing the same subjects that the elder bible shule will be. My preaching will follow these themes. Our social justice strategy and teach ins will follow the theme for the month. All the while working on our three major themes of liberation. 

Liberation of Spirit

Liberation of Community

Liberation of Neighbor