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Our Focus This Year


Theme: Liberation in Christ. We worship a Jesus who is the breaker of chains. The arc of the gospel narrative and scripture itself is a grace filled God who has liberated oppressed peoples throughout all of human history. So, we will focus on liberation of our spirits, of our community, and of our neighbor as our 2018 program year. Using a holistic vison every piece of the program year will interlock with each other while reinforcing the teachings of each educational program called a shule (Swahili for school) and efforts of each ministry kabila (Swahili for tribe). 


This is based on the  preaching principle -

“Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em
Then tell ‘em
Then tell ‘em what you told ‘em”

For example, the confirmation shule will be discussing the same subjects that the elder bible shule will be. My preaching will follow these themes. Our social justice strategy and teach ins will follow the theme for the month. All the while working on our three major themes of liberation. 

Liberation of Spirit

Liberation of Community

Liberation of Neighbor


Emmaus Road Book Study

Every Tuesday Night at 7pm

Money is not our master and it isn't the focus of church. But how do we face the economic realities of being church in an area that is being squeezed by predatory economics and gentrification? 

We will be studying how to use what God has given us in more efficient ways to serve our mission and ministry in East New York. More importantly how can we use what we have to make a meaningful impact for all the people of East New York, not just our Church. 


Bible Study

Every Wednesday night at 7pm. 

 We will start off Sept 12th with a 12-week study of the Book of Romans combined with the ELCA Social Statements. This is a series I’m simply calling “What the heck do we believe in the ELCA?” There is always a disconnect between what the congregants know to be the ELCA’s beliefs, and the churchwide organization published social statements, this first bible study should hopefully bridge the gap. The week before I will pass out copies of each social statement, so you can go home and read them. We will then reflect on them in light of the text from Romans.  I would prefer we all used the Lutheran Study Bible which you can order here

Here is the tentative schedule-

Week 1 – Romans Chapter 1 and Sexuality Statement
Week 2 – Romans Chapters 2&3 and Criminal Justice
Week 3 – Romans Chapters 4&5 and Church in Society
Week 4 – Romans Chapter 6 and Death Penalty
Week 5 – Romans Chapter 7&8 and Caring for Creation
Week 6 – Romans Chapter 9 and Peace
Week 7 – Romans Chapter 10 & 11 and Abortion
Week 8 – Romans Chapter 12 and Race, Ethnicity and Culture
Week 9 – Romans Chapter 13 and Economic Life
Week 10 –Romans Chapter 14 and Health and Healthcare
Week 11 – Romans Chapter 15 and Genetics
Week 12 –Romans Chapter 16 and Education

Credit Vicar Samantha Rossi 

Dinner Church


Every Thursday night at 6:30 pm 

 “Dinner Church” is a relatively new way to worship. While it is relatively new, it has great roots in the Christian tradition. Meals have a great tradition in our church, from pot lucks, to picnics, to the Holy Supper we share in communion – food plays a central role in who we are as Christians. We like to say that we are also “fed” by the experience of worship, so Dinner Church seeks to feed you both spiritually and physically. Each Thursday night we will gather in the auditorium around 6:30pm, we gather together and join in praying and singing to gather the community together. After our opening prayer we get our dinner (usually soup or salad) and then gather around the table together. We read together a story from scripture and then spend some time discussing what it means for our life. We spend time talking and eating just like Jesus and the disciples did, breaking bread, and sharing our faith together.  After discussing for a bit we pray together, praying for the needs of our community and our world. We then celebrate the Holy Supper of Communion – just like the disciples did, around a table. After communion, having been fed, we are sent from the table to share the good news of God with the world. Dinner Church is a very relaxed worship experience, some come right from work, some right from the gym, some from just picking the kids up. No matter where you are on your faith journey you are welcome here at Dinner Church!